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Almost 7 months!
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Almost 7 months!

Hey! After many battles we can finally admit that we have succeeded in repairing and adapting the server to correct playability. There are still a few bugs to be ironed out and the balance of vocations and a few expansions as intended from the previous engine - but we have everything under control and it will be implemented and fixed soon. From here, we can easily conclude that the server is now fully playable and has the latest systems implemented with version 13.11.

Of course standard - we are waiting for your feedback on our Discord server. If something doesn't work properly (make sure - because a lot of people report us things that they think don't work but in fact they just did it wrong) report it and we'll take care of it. Of course, in due time - we have an appropriate hierarchy and there are important and more important things.

Some summary information and our observations. You've been with us for almost 7 months! That's a lot, we've even been through a few launches and downfalls of other servers - it's weird. Due to recent problems, there are a little less of you - this is because of the problems we decided to stop promoting the server until the problems are dealt with. This is one bad but good news - there are now practically only faithful, true chilled players, love you! Most of the weepers and people complaining about the problems which we spend for ALL DAYS left the server - and that's good! After this battle day after day with little sleep we need to catch up a lot in our private lives, so now there will be a little less support for a while. Please - write us tickets only with certain things. If you are not sure - make sure. We already have enough spam. With this summary, we will slowly return to promoting the server on social media - so we will easily catch up with the number of players. To those who stayed - THANK YOU for your trust, and to those who left - you did well, you were not needed here.

Lets chill together! cool

02.04.23 21:33:48
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