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News in custom content!

As you may have noticed, we have rebuilt the task system. The old system has been changed to the quest system (!quest) and there are only quests that give us items that we cannot get in any other way. Primal Quest has also been added (12x kill The Primal Menace = 1x Primal Bag). And new tasks can be picked up from NPC Billy Taskman, who is on the right when you leave Thais Temple. It gives us Tasks for various hunting grounds that count a few monsters at once. In addition, in the new task system, we can already do them in a group (provided that we have activated Shared Experience and at least one hit in task monster). In addition, once a day we can collect daily task from him, in this case for one specific monster.

By doing tasks on a higher level, we get Roulette Coins and if we collect 10 of them, we can use roulette - more information here.

15.06.23 01:05:47
Post #130

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