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Like a rollercoaster!
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Like a rollercoaster!

Hi! Couple important changes and informations today.

After a short holiday break, it's time to continue the fun! We've been toying with creating a custom server-to-server character transfer system recently to accomplish the server merge. What and why below!

As we said from the beginning, the S1 server is the main server, no resets and will remain so forever. The S2 server is a side server, which, as you can see from the activity, definitely needs a reset and a fresh start. But nobody wants to lose their progress! That is why we have created the possibility of transferring the character S2 -> S1 and it will be available forever (after the new start of S2 it will be a paid option, and until the start it will be completely free). To transfer a character to S1, just go here on the S2 server or simply click on the "Transfer character to S1" tab in Manage Account (on the S2 server). Move your characters so you don't lose your progress!

The date of the fresh start of the S2 server will be announced soon here and on our Discord - until the start you have time to transfer your characters. Then the ones not moved will be deleted!


With today's update introducing the character transfer system, the stages on both servers are being changed. After our experience with previous servers and analysis, the EXP stage on the S2 server was the perfect Easy Stage. On the S1 server, it was greatly exaggerated at lower levels, which made it impossible to get equipment for lower levels, because most of them simply hit a high level during the day. So from now on the S1 server will have stages as they were on S2(check here) and the new S2 server will get a new Medium Rate(check here)!

We are now starting work on server update and adding new features to introduce the latest version of real tibia with the start of the new S2 server!

02.08.23 22:50:40
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