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Summer Update 2023 and couple informations.
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Summer Update 2023 and couple informations.

Hi Chillerians!

13.20 version update is finally here, every reported bugs was fixed and the server now seems fully playable! In addition to Summer Update 2023, the update also filled gaps in systems from previous versions (soulwar fear, taints, missing item attributes - for example damage reflection and others). Unfortunately, in this game version we will no longer find tournament coins, so the entire system related to them has been disabled. Tournament coins was replaced by a lottery! Every hour, a random player on the server receives 5x Roulette Coins. We are still thinking about how to refine this feature - this is not the final version of what we replaced tournament coins with. We will inform you about changes in advance as standard on our discord, here

Double EXP and SKILL this weekend!

Due to long restarts, several technical problems for a few days related to the update, we have changed the order of weekend bonuses and next weekend (29.09 - 01.10) the X2 EXP and X2 SKILL bonus will also be active. This will also help top characters adapt to the new update, which significantly weakened powergaming on Soulwar and introduced new top hunting places and bosses. Have a happy hunting!

S2 Server starting 06.10.2023 at 19:00!

Nothing changes! The S1 server remains the main one, no reseted, you had now a month from the S2 server to transfer your character to S1 for FREE so as not to lose it. Within a few days, we will delete the S2 server records and clean the character database. (the accounts and Tibia coins will remain on the accounts if someone still wants to play on the new S2). Today's update also adds the Loyalty system, which is related to the account registration date - it will also function in the same way on S2. If someone has an old account, they will already have a bonus from Loyalty at the start! We are not targeting any big numbers. We have enough space on our machine for two servers - and two servers will function. S1(Easy Rate) and S2(Medium Rate).

Save the date and come play with us!


28.09.23 20:23:30
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