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Jingle all the way!
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Jingle all the way!

Some of you might have already seen winter outside your windows, feeling that magical, festive vibe, if only for a moment. It's the perfect time to pre-announce and briefly describe the first Christmas event on Chillera! Plus, a few minor changes and new features… Get comfortable, play your favorite Christmas song for the atmosphere, and read on!

Here is Santa's house, located on a specially prepared event island – where the entire Event will take place! Where can you find it? A sufficient hint would be: south of Chillera Town (you'll get there by ship from Thais). Besides Santa, from whom you can traditionally collect a gift, you'll find characters like the Messenger of Santa – selling Christmas decorations for houses, and Ruprecht – who will exchange the presents you've recovered for Christmas tokens, which can be used to buy cool souvenirs from him! Additionally, only on this island will there be random raids by Grynch Goblins along with the event World Boss – Grynch. On the map, you'll also find one mini Boss respawning every 15 minutes – discover the rest of the details for yourself! Don't expect something that will create a huge WOW – it's Christmas, after all – it's the gesture and something that will stay with us for a long time that counts. You will definitely be able to obtain items (mostly non-usable – decorations) that won't be available for the rest of the year. This is a treat for fans of decorating their homes or collectors of rare items – we know there are many of you here.

A novelty you might not have seen before is our original Advent Calendar system! How does it work? This is important, so read carefully! The Advent Calendar has 24 days – starting from December 1st(inclusive) and ending on December 24th. Every day, you can collect your one-time gift by opening the advent calendar with a right-click on the Christmas tree or presents inside of Santa's house. The final day – the 24th – has two levels of rewards – if you collect all the previous days(1-23) gifts from the calendar, you receive a better reward(WORTH IT), and if you miss at least one day – you get a normal, much weaker reward. Of course, you can't collect rewards from any day other than the current one – if you forget a day, that's too bad! Ahh - and minimum level to use Advent Calendar is 200. Good luck to those who are persistent and don't forget!

Besides fixing many bugs recently (we didn't even write about 90% of them in the changelogs – they simply didn't require it) and the system for easier combat against bots (if anyone forgot – all kinds of bots on our server are still banned – a few people forgot this and were surprised), we finally created the official server Launcher, which includes an Auto Updater(very helpful for switching to a new version or making small custom content changes to the client in the future). It checks the client's version every time it's launched and automatically updates it if necessary, without deleting our hotkeys/settings/automap. Additionally, from this universal program, you can log into both servers S1 and S2. It's currently in the testing phase, but we encourage you to download it in the “Download” section and share your feedback on our server Discord. After a certain, currently unspecified, period, the option to optionally download the regular client will be disabled.

Fun Fact: Many bug fixes and new features were created with the help of Chat GPT. You've probably felt the recent pace of progress, and this is just the beginning, as we're still learning how to use it.

The Christmas event starts on 01.12.2023 at 0:00, when the gates to the Christmas Island will be opened.

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